3/3/18 –

You can check out Dark Ministry’s new track Brutal Century on Soundcloud. The track is from their new album Brutal Century



Dark Ministry’s music for their debut album Brutal Century has been sent off to Imperial Mastering in California for the final mastering.

They will be offering up a sneak peek of their song Brutal Century once mastering is completed.


12/21/17…DARK MINISTRY go into the studio for the FINAL touchups to their first, much anticipated album Brutal Century before mastering takes place.



11/27/2017…Fresh off of their month-long European tour, Dark Ministry is finishing up in the studio for the mixing of their long awaited album Brutal Century before the final mastering takes place


The artwork for Dark Ministry’s first full-length album, Brutal Century, is finally released.

Thank you Rafael Tavares for an amazing job as always!!



Artist Rafael Tavares is currently in the process of creating Dark Ministry’s cover art for their full-length album

8/14/17 – Please stay tuned for the new Official Dark Ministry youtube channel. There is another youtube channel out there for Dark Ministry however it is an old, outdated channel made by a former member of Dark Ministry containing old pictures. There is nothing new or current on that channel. The new youtube channel will be named Dark Ministry Official and will contain all things new and updated. You will not find any new, Official updated news on Dark Ministry shows/tours, albums, etc anywhere other than the Dark Ministry Official channel. Please stay tuned for the link.

8/14/17 – As Dark Ministry are finishing up the recording of their first full-length, they are also preparing for their onslaught of Europe:
October 3rd-9th, 2017 (Necronomicon)
October 18-22, 2017 (Vendetta)

7/24/17 – DARK MINISTRY bassist Karl Anthony Kalli enters the studio to record bass parts for their upcoming full-length album.
7/23/17 – DARK MINISTRY has a new Official bandcamp page. Please take note this is the REAL, OFFICIAL page of Dark Ministry. When you go to search for Dark Ministry on Bandcamp you will see the title “Dark Ministry Official” You will also see another Dark Ministry bandcamp page that was made earlier on by a former Dark Ministry member. You will see pics of the old lineup. This page has nothing to do with Dark Ministry the current band. You will not find any new music, show/tour listings, merchandise, etc on the UN – official page. Thank you for your support.
7/22/17 – DARK MINISTRY guitarists Brian “Metal Beast” Farnsworth and David Tyo have entered the studio to begin recording their parts on the bands first full-length album. Art concept for the album has been conceived and is being drawn up by Brazilian artist Rafael Tavares.







March 30 marked the Official release of Dark Ministry’s ep The Sermon Begins on Metal Scrap Records. The Ep will be distributed in digital stores such as 24-7 Entertainment., 7digital, Amazon, eMusic, ITunes,, Microsoft Audio, MTV Networks, Myspace Music, Nokia Music, Orange, Samsung, Sony Reader Store, Spotify, T-Mobile, Virgin Mega, Vodafone, Yahoo, YouTube and others (a total of more than 600 digital stores in over 200 countries around the world).